Essay about Developmental Case Study : Developmental Case History

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Developmental Case History
There are various theories in the field of psychology that seek to describe and define the chronological stages of human development. Amongst these, one of the most popular theories is that of the psychologist Erik Erikson. Furthermore, there is an interesting theory that focuses on human behaviors, appropriately coined “behaviorism,” that was studied and clarified by John B. Watson. In order to conceptualize the case of the chosen subject for this paper, both of the above mentioned theories will be utilized. The subject’s developmental history will be analyzed along with their current cognitions, affect, behavior, and interpersonal style. With the information gathered from the analyzation, a case-appropriate intervention will be designed with the intentions of preventing or treating the subject’s developmental complications. The individual selected as the subject for this paper suffers from a severe anxiety disorder that has placed an enormous hindrance on their ability to lead a normal life. Despite the fact that irrational anxiety is a severe mental disorder, with apposite treatment it can be amended, and the sufferer can once more live a fulfilling life.
Identifying Data The interviewee of this case is a 24 year old female. For the sake of her confidentiality, the young woman will be referred to as “Jane Doe,” throughout the manuscript. Jane is a mixed race woman. Her father is also a mixed race individual. He is African, Native…

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