Essay on Development Versus Nature : The San Pedro River

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Development versus Nature; The San Pedro River is a vital source of water to Fort Huachuca and the Sierra Vista area (Tellman and Hadley, 1999, p.2). It is also an important part of a unique eco-system for birds and wildlife. Developers in the Sierra Vista area are looking to build new housing expansions which would include thousands of new homes over the next two decades. The Arizona Department of Water Resource (DWR) is considering giving developers the authorization to build sub divisions (Friederici, 2012, p.1) According to Peter Friederici’s 2012 article Housing Development Could Threaten Arizona’s San Pedro River, the development will use 3,000 acre-feet annually. Wells in the San Pedro area pump 6,000 acre foot more a year than is returned to the watershed through recharge, rainwater and snowmelt (p.1). The DWR takes into account only ground water pumped from underground wells and not surface water, the development would have a huge effect on the wildlife and vegetation of the San Pedro River. Hydrologists warn over pumping of ground water depletes water in streams and rivers (Friederici, 2012, p.2). The Santa Cruz River is an example of what over pumping will do to a river. It was similar to the San Pedro but over pumping of ground water has left the Santa Cruz desolate and dry most of the year. BLM hydrologist Bill Wells believes there is a direct connection between the river and groundwater (Friederici, 2012, p, 2). The project could jeopardize years of work…

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