Essay on Development Of Automatic Car Parking System

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Development of an Automatic Car Parking System
Abstract—This Paper proposes the development of an Automatic Car Parking System imparting performance. This proposed framework uses sensors, electric power steering, path planning, path tracking and pure pursuit algorithm. The verification of the vehicle was demonstrated using the electric power steering for tracking the path. An ultrasonic sensor is used to determine the availability of the parking space. Drivers can uses user interactive interface to check if the parking space is big enough. Steering movements takes place based on the pure pursuit algorithm and inertial navigation methods. Appraisal and simulation results show good behavior. The parking required is 1.5 longer than the length of the vehicle. Parking will become more efficient and uncomplicated with the advanced use of these algorithms in automatic car parking system.
Keywords—sensor,pure pursuit algorithm,path tracking
Automatic car parking system is one of the growing topics that are intended to improve the safety and comfort of the driving. It can automatically direct the users to drive the car in such an environment where much attention and focus is required. Automatic car parking is executed by controlling the steering angle in such a way that there is collision free motion within the parking space.
Several research institutes are developing Automatic car parking system. Institute for Research in Computer Science and Automation has built a…

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