Developing The Freshman College Students Essay

1052 Words Apr 27th, 2016 null Page
Many health dilemmas start to develop the freshman college students coming directly out of high school in my community. Inevitably, there are bigger problems beyond this, however, it is more relatable to me since I am a freshman in college going through the same thing, but I have not had the identical effect as many of them. I would like to demonstrate that eating healthier and exercising possible will expand not only your individual health but others around you by adapting. Living with your parents and living on your own is entirely different. Your mother would make sure you had a hot breakfast every morning to start your day off, at school they portioned how much you could have, and dinner you always had to eat your vegetables before you were done. However, in college it is the complete opposite, we could probably care less if you eat breakfast because we probably do not wake up in time for it, lunch is perhaps something fatty come the café that is overpriced or you go out to eat, and dinner possibly something you made or eat out as well. In college, you snack more frequently than you would at home since it is available to you more and it is all of yours and your mom is not down your back telling you to stop eating so much. Students get a rational meal card limit of money, which at first we assume it is so much we tend to eat three and four times a day; eating pizza, fries, burgers, pasta, and sandwiches. See, when we were at home, we were on a routine with your diet we…

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