Determinism And The Face Of Freewill Essay

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As we know that freewill is action that cause by person freely without under pressure of anyone. But, determinism is totally opposite to it. Determinism says that every action has its cause. There are two concepts of freewill. 1) Compatibilism. 2) Incompatibilism. According to compatibilism free will is possible even if determinism is true. But, incompatibilism says that freewill is not real if determinism exist (Sider 2014). Incompatibilism cover two terms that are hard determinism and libertarian. Hard determinism conclude that if determinism is valid than no need of freewill. but, libertarian is opposite to it by rejecting determinism in the face of freewill (Sider 2014).
Free will mean the action that we choose without under pressure of anyone. The choice of person that is uncaused by any previous event, external or internal. But, determinism is totally opposite to free will. According to determinism ‘every event or action has a cause’ (Sider 2014, pg. 115). So, freewill and determinism are inverse to one another, which means freewill is inconsistent with determinism. Scientists believes that causes can be hard to discover, but they are always there (Sider pg. 116). Moreover, our belief is reasonable because science will eventually discover the causes of everything (pg. 116). We consider that Hitler is responsible for Poland invasion, but Determinism seems to imply that Hitler invasion in Poland was not free, because determinism says that Hitler invasion was caused by…

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