Designing And Developing Your Best Website Essay

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Designing And Developing Your Best Website Ever - Even If It 's Your First!

Putting a website together isn 't exactly rocket science, but it 's no cake walk either. The problem is though, that you have too much at stake to risk failure. Negate the risk, by using the following guide for successfully planning and developing your next website, whether it 's for business or pleasure.

Setting Goals For Your Site

Writing down very specific goals helps you create a successful website, as opposed to something that lacks purpose and measurable effectiveness. What do you want to accomplish with your site? Exactly what are visitors suppose to do? Do you want your site to elicit an emotional response? What type of impressions do you want to make at first glance? Beyond the financial expectations that come with monetization, you have to narrow the characteristics, technical functions and purpose for the audience.

To get a good feel for the goals your site should set, visit a few random websites and note your initial reactions, then imagine these sites were yours: Would you be proud or embarrassed to put your name on them? Do they reach out to you in some way as an observer? In what ways could you do better - and how will you do better?

Target A Specific Audience

In order to tailor a site for your chosen viewers, you have to know a little bit about them. Research the demographics behind your product or service and discover precisely who you should target. Find out if they prefer…

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