Designing And Building Of A Website Essay

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This documentation runs through some of the issues that occurred during the designing and building of this website as well as some improvements that could have been done to enhance the site. This site was designed for desktop first and then for tablet and so on. After that was checked tested working fine and validated some CSS was added to make it read friendly on paper for those that want to print out any part of the website the print version includes some of the link address. Making links display when printing the document can be done by simply adding this CSS rule " a:after{content: attr(href) ;} " however on this site it was not the best chose as local links just displayed local links and the average reader would know how to use that to find the site they are looking for. For example: index.HTML this would mean nothing to most people and most of these links are better not show anyway, therefore on this site each link that needed to be printed out has a span next to it with the link inside. The span has a class called "print". The settings for the print class are that it is only to display when the page is being printed. Using an unordered list to create the navigation creates an issue, it creates a gap between each list item. There are a few solutions to this;
1. Set the list items (li tags) to float left if this is not possible for whatever reason go to number two or three.
2. It is also possible to set list item margin to -4px.
3. Give the unordered list a…

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