Designing A New String Object Essay

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1. Software usability- Create a new program uses from existing method is the software usability.
2. Modularizing- Modularizing a program into methods makes program from small and simple pieces.
3. Hierarchical- A method is invoked by a method call to complete its task with a result or simply to the caller and analogy to the program structure is the hierarchical from of management.
4. Static method- When a method applies to class as a declared whole method that performs is not depend on the contents of any object is a static method or a class method.
5. Class math- Another concept of static method is the class math that provides a collection of methods are perform common mathematical calculations.
6. string concatenation- A new string object contains concatenated or joined sequence of characters from two strings is a string concatenation.
7. Stack-When a data structure allows data to be inserted or pushing it and removed or popping it, is a stack.
8. Activation record- when the program execution stack of the method call stored the data as a portion is known activation record, which is also known as stack frame.
9. Stack overflow- A call stack may have a limited amount of address space, if there is no space for a new stack frame, the program uses on the call stack which is a stack overflow.
10. Argument promotion- When arguments are passed to the methods, which are promoted to the same type is the important feature of method calls argument promotion.…

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