Design Thinking Essay

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Define the Concept of Design Thinking
Design Thinking
The global corporate world is engaged in the continuous process of searching for ways in which it can improve its performance. As businesses become more and more competitive with each other, employers and business managers have to continually seek ways by means of which they can improve their performance and develop competitive strategies and edges in order to clinch leading positions. Among the myriad of strategies sought for this purpose is that of design thinking. Design thinking can be defined as a process by which businesses empathize with the
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Specifically, these processes are further illustrated below.
Define the Problem
The first process in doing so is to identify and define the problem that needs to be solved. Every business faces certain problems and they may be unique and different from one another, thus requiring different interventions to solve them. Therefore, the leader needs to understand the type of the problem that their business could be facing so that they can know what design would be most appropriate in dealing with the issue. After identifying and defining the problem, the leader should engage with other members of the business in order to decide on an appropriate opportunity for solving the problem. They should extensively study the opportunity in all of its benefits and weaknesses before they can execute it. As an effective design thinker, the leader must observe the actions and behaviors of those involved due to the discrepancy between what people are told to do and what they actually do. Nevertheless, the design thinker should gather varied perspectives on the issue and continually ask themselves the questions why such interventions should be adopted until they get most of the answers (Lawson 2006, p. 67).
Figure 2: Design Thinking Involves Multiple Input

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