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Vision/goal of the implementation - Heidi
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Remember Meaningful Use and ARRA, usability and clinical workflow

Vision Statement: Deliver the best of care to our community through the implementation of a hospital-wide Clinical Information with the ability to provide the right information, to the right person, in the right format, through the right channel, at the right point in clinical workflow to improve patient-centered care and healthcare outcomes.
The implementation of a clinical information system is organized around an organizations vision and formulated goals. Arcade General Hospital is in the third stage of upgrading a clinical information system and their goal is to integrate the new upgrades with the
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The five core objectives required for meaningful use incentive have been met at AGH with the adoption of computerized physician order entry (CPNE) giving clinicians the ability to maintain an active medication list, maintaining allergies/orders in the Pharmacy System, incorporating the Lab Information System (LIS), as well as the ability to conduct a security risk analysis and preform security updates as necessary. Further objectives include the ability to monitor vital signs which will be done through CIS by nursing. The CIS will have the ability to provide patients with an electronic copy of their records including a copy of their discharge instruction.
Usability can be defined as how well the user interfaces are used. Clinical information systems must be effective, efficient and satisfying to use. In AGH’s CIS, the design of clinical application on the principles of evidence-based clinical practice guidelines has been analyzed, designed, and is ready for implementation. As outlined by Viitanen, Kuusist, & Nykänen (2011), usability is associated with five usable characteristics including learnability, efficiency, memorability, errors, and satisfaction (p. 3). Arcade General hospital developed usability tools to guide usability effects in the analysis phase which included observation, use case analysis, questionnaires and formal usability testing to allow nurses to give feedback

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