Desensitization In Media

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Register to read the introduction… In the media, violence appears to be something natural. Individuals can witness acts of violence in cartoons, sports, and sitcoms, making them question if violence is a normal factor in the general public (Huesmann, 2004). On Feb 28, 2009, pop sensation Chris Brown was allegedly convicted for the beating of Rihanna. However, nearly half of Boston-area teenagers say Rihanna was responsible for pop star Chris Brown's alleged Grammy night attack that landed her in the hospital (). The survey of 200 Boston youths age 12 to 19 found that 51% said Brown bore responsibility, 46% said Rihanna was responsible, and 52% said both were to blame for the incident (). It appears that the youth within our society have been taught that violence is an acceptable and appropriate response to a domestic disagreement (). The media is glorifying violence, for if Chris Brown is not held responsible for his actions, children with not see violence as utterly unacceptable, but as a suitable practice, due to them being desensitized by the violence displayed by the …show more content…
Even though the media and video games should be taken into consideration for reflecting the violence within the young generation, society must also focus on the child's upbringing, environment, and parenting as well, which also may have a strong influence on the child's actions. Each discipline took a different approach examining the affect violence obtains over our society. While, sociologists blame it on an individual's social surrounds, and anthropologists blame it particularly on cultural influences. It appears Psychologists have an accurate understanding, considering many individuals who are influenced by violence, are mentally desensitized and influenced to engage in aggressive

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