Descriptive Writing - Original Writing Essay

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Hoodude squeezed through the living room, barely having enough space between everything from the attic. Between containers made of plain cardboard and wood, piled in with dark leather trunks stamped with intricate designs. One next to him had metal clasps that had rusted long ago, and the blue one he and Robecca found the other night must have been brighter once, but had faded with age. It lay open at the other end of the room, finally empty. He hadn’t been wrong, it took hours to go through everything in it. The paper files, cloth bundles, and tangles of metal and wood had been packed in like layers. Just when he thought the trunk was empty another one would pop up. He remembered asking Ms. Kindergrubber how someone could pack that much stuff into a trunk that size. The old witch just chuckled and said “Carefully.”

At least the hallway was clear now. He pulled his foot free from being wedged behind a box and caught himself on the old key cubbies hanging on the wall. They were left over from when the house used to be a bed and breakfast- or would that be ‘dead’ and breakfast, Hoodude wondered to himself. Either way, the cubbies were empty, just like the house until he and Robecca had arrived. Sometimes he would look at them and imagine they were full of keys. He took a step back and wondered what this house was like when it was full, of monsters and normies of all kinds if the stuff in the attic was anything to go by. He wondered what they were like. Who owned the hatboxes…

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