Descriptive Essay - Original Writing

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I hear the sound of clinks grow as my pursuer closes the distance. I can feel the piercing blue eyes bore into my back. As the sound of the clinking grows, I catch a glimpse of leopard fur in my peripheral vision. Nails dig in to my back and the leopard fur engulfs me as I turn to face my pursuer. When I am released, I am face to face with my grandmother, Mema, looking the same as I have always remembered.
Janice Grattidge is a commanding presence that rarely goes unnoticed. Wig askew, a smile of pure joy stretched across her face, eyes crinkled, and wrists waving in air, she reaches for a second hug. Clink, clink, clink. Every finger is adorned by extravagant jewels, bracelets climb up to her elbows, and a neck wrapped in beads. These are the culprits for the clinking. It’s blinding to look in my grandmother’s general direction, due to the amount of sequins and jewels she is always fashioning, always concealed by a full length, fur coat. Slipping off the leopard dyed animal carcass, and ritually pouring a tall glass of wine, Mema welcomes me into her home. Home Shopping Network and QVC, tiny yapping dogs, and the music of The Four Lads, these are the sounds of my grandparent’s home. I pass the faces of myself and my family members as I go down the hall towards the living room. Every piece of furniture in the house is adorned with an animal print fur blanket. I round the corner to smile at a familiar face buried in a faux tiger mane. Papa, seated in his…

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