Descriptive Essay - Original Writing

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Senses,mostly everyone has 5.In most cases it makes a person.I have three senses in particular that make some part of me and they are sight,smell,and hearing g.The senses are found in 3 of my favorite things glitter,perfume scent,and quietness.All 3 are senses that when put together make some part of my personality; of who I am.

Glitter! A noun that 's defines as tiny pieces of sparkling material used for decoration to give something that WOW factor. Glitter ,such a fun thing to use yet a mess to clean up afterward.Even though using glitter is a struggle,it pays off in the end when everyone wants to see why the poster or project has so much sparkle. When I see glitter it brings a smile to my face, I don 't know why it brings me so much happiness, but it does. Unlike to some people who avoid glitter i try to incorporate it in most of my things. Just so much sparkle.Everything about glitter screams excitement.Go big or go home, is a motto I get reminded of when using glitter.Go big or go home is a neat way in describing glitter because when using glitter it reminds you that using a little bit isn 't going to happen and you might as well just have fun and pour the whole bottle.No, I 'm kidding that 's not a good idea but that is exactly what I am driven by when doing things. Go big or go home truly should be in everyone 's thoughts, because you are more opened to do more risk taking decision, because you want to go big and not home. Go big or go home to me is a big deal I…

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