Descriptive Essay - Original Writing

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When I was younger I had a fascination with dinosaurs. I would spend countless hours recreating the images and sketches found in the copious amount of dinosaur books I acquired. I remember distinctly deciding that I would be a paleontologist in kindergarten so I could breed dinosaurs. And I also remember distinctly going home and crying after learning that all the cool ones were dead. Nobody cares about birds, and my dinosaur phase soon wore off. Although my little life now had no purpose I continued to draw. Because of all my practice I was more advanced than the other children in my classes and it was uncommon for me to show off my artwork. Don’t get me wrong it was still pretty bad, but for a 5 year old I could draw a pretty mean pterosaur. Around fifth grade I stopped sketching and decided I was going to make viral videos. After school I would walk a few blocks to my friends house where we would brainstorm ideas and borrow his grandmothers camera to film scenes. I remember refreshing the URL a hundred times waiting for my video to be approved and published. Although I never went viral from the videos I remember telling all my friends to go home and google my videos, I felt famous. My interest in videos as I matured thinking it was silly to ever believe I could be famous from youtube. My father is a photographer and on family outings he would bring an extra camera for me to use as he taught me different techniques. I enjoyed photography and made a webpage to showcase my…

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