Descriptive Essay - Original Writing

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It was about five below zero as we pulled into the driveway on this crisp breezy night. The farm house was all lit up with the festive colorful lights that are common around Christmas. I had the faintest inclination that there had been some cooking going on in this house today, and that is what gave me the strength to open the car door and feel the instant frosty breeze sweep over my face. I grabbed the hood of my coat and pulled it up over my head to save some of the heat from leaving my already freezing body. As I reached the doorway, and grabbed the handle and pushed down, as the door opened I was flustered with the heat that burst through the door. I stepped inside and instantly smelt the sweet aroma of the honey smoked ham that was being pre baked for the festivities to come. I walk into the living room and my grandpa is sitting in his usual chair by the fire. But he was not watching the fire he was watching the ten o’clock news. I take a seat and settle in to a chair and I instantly started to doze off. As I dozed off I thought about the upcoming day and the things I need to accomplish the morning before all of my relatives arrive for the annual Christmas party the next evening. I awoke the next morning to the smell of eggs, and bacon. I freshened up and ate breakfast with my grandparents. Then I headed out to my grandfather’s garage and when I opened the door I waded into the smell that will stick with me for my lifetime, the smell of engine oil and gas. So many…

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