Descriptive Essay - Original Writing

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A man is sitting at home, alone I might add, when he decides to take a walk. It is October, so there is a cold nip in the air. He has a bit of trouble because of his pesky Asthma, but he presses on. There is no point in risking the feared “Thanksgiving Gain” just because of a little bit of cold weather. Suddenly, he hears a low growl. He slowly turns around and shudders. Before him stands a massive… Poodle. He has Cynophobia, or a fear of dogs. So, he begins to sprint away from the vicious nightmare known as “Sprinkles”. He gets away, but he starts to wheeze heavily. He realizes that his vision is becoming blurry and dim. He whips out his lucky inhaler. He is relieved a few moments later. He silently thanks his Pharmacist for picking out the right one for him. Without his Pharmacist, he could have been killed because the mix of a cold evening and a vicious Poodle named Sprinkles.

1.That’s right! I want to become a Pharmacist someday. There are so many reasons to be a Pharmacist I can’t think of where to begin. 14. Of course, I should probably start off with the dough. At least, that is what most people will be really curious about. You can make as low as $70,000 all the way to $140,000 (Shmoop 1). 11. The next great thing to move to is that you are able to help people. Let me break this down a little. You may not be saving them directly, like a Doctor. 3.As a Pharmacist, you get to give out the medicine that can save their lives in other ways. Do you have Asthma,…

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