Descriptive Essay - Original Text Messages And Social Media

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Banished words are words or phrases that can be misinterpreted, misused, overused, or otherwise deemed useless. Every year Lake Superior States University releases a list of banished words. These words come from a variety of sources across the entire country. These banished word nominations are sent in and a committee makes their decision of which words make the cut before the end of each year. Inspired by words on the Banished Word List, our team was tasked to come up with 10 words which we feel should be banished as well. We’ve also surveyed 50 people about their most annoying words and/or expressions. We will explore these results in further detail within this essay. The first word we felt should be nominated to the banished list is “lit”. This term is widely used in text messages and social media. It means amazing or awesome, usually used to describe something or someone as incredible. The second word we agreed should be on the banished list is “bet”. It is a statement of agreement. Possibly derived from the phrase “you bet” or “you can bet on that”. A modern example of this word being used is; “I 'll meet you at the party” and the other person replies by saying, “bet”.
The third word is “fam”. Fam is an abbreviated form of the word “family”. It’s used to describe someone that you can trust and someone you consider an extremely close friend. An example of this word used could read; “all the guys that hang out on this corner are my fam”.
The forth…

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