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Smile The first thing my eyes are drawn to in the picture above is my half attempt at a somewhat real smile, there was also no enthusiasm in my eyes or emotion in my face. There is something to be said for a real smile versus a forced one. When someone fakes their smile, the happiness is not true. This forced smile seen in my family picture described my life at this time. I was trying to make everyone else happy even if it meant I wasn’t genuinely happy. My parents divorce was still something I was learning to deal with and accept everyday. I am not one to share my feelings, therefore I let them sit down deep in my heart and fester until I eventually become so upset that I explode over seemingly worthless problems. I had to learn to share my feelings so that I wasn’t ready to cry at any given moment. I’ve always been a daddy’s girl, being an only child aided in …show more content…
My mom became the one person I could share my fears and my frustrations with. She never judged me or told me what I had to do, however she gave me advice on how to handle all the new situations. Once Sarah and my father had married, before my brother was born, my home life plummeted even more. The tension stemming from their relationship only added stress onto me. My relationship with my dad has declined in the last years. He chooses not to recognize the shift but I know he feels it when he asks me, “Why don’t you want to be here at my house anymore” When in reality it was all of the arguing that made me so irritated with him. At one point it got so bad that I packed a bag and just didn’t come back. I constantly contemplate living with my mom for 90% of the the time, I would have gone through with this if it weren’t for my brother. I never want to loose my relationship with my brother so I endure the guilt and tension all for a two year old little boy who will probably tell me he hates me at some point in his

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