Descriptive Essay On Music

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Now nothing could remain as it once had been. The sound of fast piano arpeggios and chords, and a wistful prelude subtly fills the empty room, reverb evident as the sound waves reflect on its walls. A combination of instruments become one and create a melody so unique, even those who’ve dedicated their whole lives to the art of music cannot decipher its quality.

The tones of each note, all dynamically coloured and bright move in inhuman synchronicity. This is not all. A hinted ostinato consisting of syncopated and staccato chords bask in the glory of itself. The indefinite metre of untuned percussion as well as all these various elements combined produce unpredictable components to make up this enticing piece. Only I could have understood this emotion that has been kept inside of me and no one else.
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A familiar tune rings in my mind. At a glance, a blossoming field is sighted, but there’s no sight of any civilisation…. except a lone piano on the right. A man stands in the middle of all of this, his ragged dull clothing contrasting against the beautiful hues that the tune has produced, pushing him too and fro. As the music pushes him around, he approaches the piano, as if it was luring him. The music grows softer as he sits on the stool. It creaks as his thin physique struggles to fit. Placing his hands in position on the keys, the song picks up again but his head turns, revealing features of twisted anticipation. He continues to play the piece facing me, not looking at his fingers as they were not just moving the keys, but the keys were moving for his fingers just as though he was tranced. They were nothing more than extensions to his hands as he plays with ease. As the song reached its resolution his eyes turned a deep shade of red before a vile black ooze leaked onto the

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