Descriptive Essay On Grace Church

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Grace Church

Grace Church is located in Eden Prairie, Minnesota. Grace Church opened in August, 2002 but has a long history. Grace Church dates back to 1928 as a small bible congregation and now is what some would call a mega church, weekly attendance is 5,000 people.

Choosing a Church

I have been wanting to find a church to join for a while now. I live over 45 minutes from what I consider my home church, First Baptist Church of St. Paul on Wacouta and 9th. I enjoy attending church to learn more about God and like the sense of community it brings. My friend attends Grace Church and has been asking me to attend church with him. He felt Grace Church would be a good fit for me. Grace Church is described as a “Independent evangelical church
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The church sits on 62 acres and is 350,000 square feet. However, the church is welcoming in its appearance. The worship auditorium is large with seating for 4,200 however it is warm and inviting.


The Senior Pastor at Grace Church is Pastor Toby Dobb. Pastor Dobb is a energetic and charismatic person. He has a family and is a busy person between family and work, which makes him very relatable. I like to meet Pastor Toby Dobb sometime he seems like a person who would be easy to talk too. The congregation seems to really enjoy him and he keeps everyone engaged.


The sermon when I attended was Psalm 142, surprising it was well timed for myself. Pastor Dobb said Psalm 142 is a prayer for the overwhelmed. I have been experiencing a great amount of being overwhelmed. I was overwhelmed going to Grace Church at first. My work load had doubled over the last few months, I’m taking two classes and heavily focusing on losing weight. It is a lot to managed and I was integrated right away by the sermon. Something that resonated with me was Pastor Dobb explained that, we will always be overwhelmed, at any age, at any stage in life we will be overwhelmed. He is right, we will always be over whelmed. We can’t run away from responsibility in our lives to reduce the overwhelming, however we can manage it. Prayer is a way to help us through being overwhelmed. I do use prayer as a way to reduce stress and I do turn to prayer
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I like how much they have to offer in spiritual guidance. I also found a class I like to take their in the fall called Financial Peace University with Dave Ramsey, this will be beneficial since my student loans are due in a few weeks. There are also two community outreach programs I’m interested in. One is called Block Out Hunger, you help the local food shelves. The other one is community dinner and clothing closet, the volunteers make and serve dinner for people who visit the clothing closet. The clothing closet provides people in need with gentle used clothes. I’m really happy to be able to find a church where I think I can call my new church. I’m excited to go back to Grace Church and get

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