Descriptive Essay : My Soul

774 Words Oct 22nd, 2016 4 Pages
I sit and watch the faint whispers of my breath float away into the fall air. Overhead, wide patches of purple clouds creep across the sky, as darkness takes over the light. The smell of dampened leaves and bonfires are tossed around in the wind, greeting everyone they meet. My soul rejoices as I have learned to appreciate the small things, but anxiety and fear work their way back in. Instead of letting them take over I listen to the song in my head and envision the notes dancing around me, swiftly moving to the beat and uplifting my spirits. My world starts to turn and soon I’m floating around, dancing to the sound of the melody as it replays itself again. Wings start to sprout from my back and my skin tingles as the feathers brush up against it. My huge, white, beautiful wings lift me up off the ground and deeper into my imagination. They take me to a small clearing where the sunshine is warm and the air is clear of disaster, with a crystal clear pond shining my reflection on its surface. The great gusts of my wings make the water ripple and shimmer, only disturbing the still image of myself for a few moments. A paintbrush appears in my right hand and my palm relaxes around the smooth polished handle. As I take the brush through the air, it creates a smooth stream of multicolored paint behind it. The colors sit nicely in the air, patiently waiting to be beautifully interrupted. Since I am light as the air itself, my feet begin to leap and bound their way across the…

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