Descriptive Essay : My Life

1182 Words Oct 18th, 2015 5 Pages
Throughout life, materialistic objects will come and go, holding little to no value as time passes on; although true, memories will never fade from one’s mind. The giant desktop monitor sits in a dark corner in the basement, and all the old and tattered clothes are in a box in the attic with no purpose anymore. These things fade out of one’s mind and the enjoyment that the items brought vanishes as quickly as it once existed. Certain objects, however, hold a special place in a person’s heart and no monetary figure could ever surpass the value put on this certain item. These items come from many places and people, but each and every one of these priceless items has the same thing in common with one another: the objects are special to the individual that owns the pieces and no value, regardless of the offer, will ever surpass the sentimental worth that the certain item holds. Every individual, including myself, has that special object that he or she holds a high value on and finds a special place in his or heart for at all times. Often, when other people see me carrying around a small stone everywhere I go, I am greeted with a confused countenance on the other person’s face. To the other individual, I am carrying around a rock with me; on the other hand, when I see this small stone, I think about all the memories and emotions that encompass my mind every single day. A small, round stone with a praying angel in the center would look as if it is a novelty item to many,…

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