Descriptive Essay : My Birthplace

1099 Words Jan 13th, 2016 5 Pages
When it comes to origin there is no specific place that can define where you come from. Though there may be a birthplace, there are a countless amount of places that you could come from. I most literally come from the NYU hospital up in the big apple most likely given birth to without painkillers as my mother obsesses with everything being done naturally, as she won’t even say the word perm pertaining to hair. Furthermore, I believe that my most literal origin being my birthplace is the most boring simplistic ordinary place I originate from. The better places of my origin would have to come from the vast family I am grateful to have. From the family I have down south in Gosport who I can only understand from the last few words through their thick southern accent, to the family I have back in the in Kingston, Jamaica who gave me the resistance I have to spicy food this day. From my first home on Poplar St in Roselle, NJ or Jackson, NJ where I reside now. These are the places I would prefer to put on a form when they ask for a birthplace, unfortunately the government most likely would not agree with this notion. From these areas that I geographically come from I have been given traits of perseverance, hard work, compassion, and confidence which define where I come from as person from a mental standpoint. However, if I was unfortunately forced to narrow my incredible beginnings to one source, it would have to be from my parents. I both biologically and characteristically come…

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