Descriptive Essay : Looks Are Deceiving

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Looks Are Deceiving
Another late night at the library, rushing to finish an essay that is due the next day. It is our final essay of the semester and my brain feels like over cooked meat and almost certain everyone at the library can smell the caffeine coming from my pores. I look at the clock on my phone, the small light makes me cringe, but I manage to pry open one eye, 10:45. I have always dreaded writing because it’s not an expressive outlet for me. I prefer painting, drawing or cooking, but regardless each year I set goals like improving my vocabulary and grammar and most of the time, I achieve those goals. This year is my first year in college and already this English class is unlike any English class I’ve attended. Up until the bibliography assignment did I realize grammar and overall flow of my essays were my down fall and organization skills were my strong suit. Turning in the bibliography assignment two weeks ago made me confident in my organization skills with little to no errors in my punctuation and grammar. Even though I have made progress since then, I feel as I should do away with my antediluvian vocab and read more often to gain a new library of words.
As I shuffle through my bag I stumble upon the first essay I wrote and immediately start to read through the goals and expectations. “I would like to improve on my vocabulary and grammar skills” every years answer and every year it seems like I would leave with high grades but, disappointing results. But…

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