Descriptive Essay : Fish And I

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Fish and I I think about how the ocean is like our Earth, but I wonder if the fish thinks of the bottom of the ocean as their ground, and the surface of the water as their sky? Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you are going to get. As I watch the fish swim, eat, and associate with other fish, I think about my life compared to theirs. Fish are very interesting creatures, and are peaceful, delegate, extremely unique, and super colorful. We are very unique in our own way; every one of us has something interesting about us, and we have different feelings and colors. When I think of fish, I think of salt water, sanded beaches, fins, bad smells, and sunburns. Fish adapts well to the surroundings, they have a central struggle, and most importantly, they maintain a strong pull from "the hook", based on strength. You would be surprised how much fish are related to humans; it takes deep thought. This has shocked a lot of people I have come into contact with; including some teachers. I know what you are thinking, "we don 't have fins," and we can 't breathe underwater, and you are so right, but let 's dig down to the surface. Let 's swim to the ocean, and go very deep just like a pearl, tucked away, and deep inside a shell. Are you ready for the dive? I am ready to share it. Okay, let 's get ready to dive in.
As you swim through the ocean, deep as a pearl; there is a humongous amount of fish. I have heard millions, and trillions, but there is no possible way to…

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