Descriptive Essay On Oreo Salad

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My father pulled into my grandparent’s driveway and put our car in park. I stepped out of the blue Expedition, excited for Thanksgiving. As I walked towards the door in the thirty degree weather to enter my grandparents house, I could see my family conversing and watching T.V. through the windows. I opened the door of the garage which lead into the house. The smell of gasoline filled my nose, but this passed as I quickly walked into the house, greeted by the sight of my family’s shoes spread all around the entrance of the house. As I walked up the steps of the entranceway, I found myself in the kitchen where on the counter lay a sprawl of foods: buns, cheeses, desserts, and chips. I walked towards the living room to lay my jacket with the rest of the coats, greeted by the sound of my grandma 's clock, which plays a …show more content…
As I pushed my fork into it, the salad squeaked against the plastic plate. The salad lay covered with just enough ranch. There’s no other way to eat a salad. I finished the salad and moved onto the bun, which I covered in butter. As I bit into the bun I met with a strange, almost sweet taste that I did not enjoy. I ate the rest of the bun, but didn’t enjoy it much. I started eating my sandwich, made with the same tasting bun, so I did not enjoy it. Even the ham and potato soup didn’t appeal to me either, however this may have been because the excitement I felt about my dessert. It was finally time to eat mom’s oreo salad, the farthest possible thing from salad probably ever made. This dessert is made of oreos, whipped cream, and marshmallows all mixed into a delicious unhealthy dessert that we eat at every family get-together. The mix of crunchy Oreos and marshmallows in mesmerizing and is loved by every person who tries it. Family may be important, but oreo salad comes close

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