Descriptive Essay: Imagination Hills

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Imagination Hills

After leaving the driveway, the street needed is to the left, down to Foster Road, where it’s then it’s right. Speed forty signs, people speeding and flying past the car. All that goes through my mind is wondering how long I want to be up there, or what I want to talk about with them. Take a left, and stomp on the gas pedal to get to the top of what seems to be the steepest hill in all of Oregon. Once the car hits the speed that’s needed, you yield to oncoming traffic, passing the first entrance on the left. Keep going, up the same steep hill, and take a left at Lincoln Memorial. There, is a gate that leads to Willamette National.

The signs all say different letters, but the one needed is ‘CC’. Finally, after seeing the
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Birds chirping behind in the trees, and every so often a grasshopper jumps across the folded hands. When you look over the hill, there is a clear, perfect view of Mt. Hood. The snow line at the very tip is beautiful, and depending on the day, there are few clouds in sight. The sun shines perfectly onto the stone so a perfect photo can be generated. Then you wonder what the selfie would look like if they were still here. How many would be taken? Where would they be living? Would they still live in the same mint green house on Division that they used to? Rustling comes from the bushes and the trees. Looking back, there’s deer with their baby. They leave fresh, deer prints on the wet and muddy grass, but its okay. It’s looks even better when there are animal tracks around the headstone.

Every so often, a car or two will drive by on the narrow, smoothly paved roads that lead you to other lost loved ones. After realizing what time is was and noticing the bright orange sun, gleaming with yellow and red rays of sun is slowly disappearing, it becomes time to leave. While walking away, kisses are blown and see you next time’s are said. While walking down the muddy hill and the wet, sticking grass, there are a few freshly dug graves. The sorrow that is felt for these people are unexplainable. Losing a loved one is never

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