Descriptive Essay About Fear

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Fear It’s three a.m. The weather outside of your frosted over bedroom window is completely still; the cold appears to freeze everything in its path. You regain consciousness from your deep slumber and realize what woke you. Knock. A few seconds pass. Knock... Knock. Sweat drips down the side of your forehead as you consider the worst possible options. Is someone breaking into the garage? There is a loud crashing noise. Time to take action. You stumble around searching for anything that can provide self defense. A shiver runs up your spine, then wraps around your chest making it feel as like you are breathing in an arctic rush of air. The sweaty palm of your hand grips a frying pan as you make your way to the door. The hinges squeak while being slowly opened, only to show sharp yellow eyes that pierce through the darkness. With the frying pan in one hand, you fumble frantically for the light. The finally illuminated garage uncovers an opossum. …show more content…
Fears in the modern today, are not what they were in the past. Even though society has greatly changed as a whole, the same genetics are in place as if the world consisted of nomad hunters, scavenging for food. Most people will rattle off spiders, public speaking, or heights as their top fears, but widely unknown is that there is only five fears that everyone has in common. All other fabricated fears, the ones that the mind generates, will fall into one of the five categories. These five, in order from strongest to weakest, are the fear of extinction, mutilation, loss of autonomy, separation, and lastly, ego-death. The foundation of fear is built within each level of the hierarchy (Albrecht). Ultimately, these fears, that are linked to many other emotions and that every person shares with one another, have the ability to prompt a decision, sometimes irrational, as well as motivate to maintain

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