Descriptive Writing Prom Night

The sun is setting over beautiful Lake Erie. Almost everyone has gone home, back to the real world. Only a few locals are still on the beach. The sunset is a orangish pink color that changes mid-cloud. The transition of colors is so subtle and the waves are slowly rushing up the shoreline. The waves are no bigger than a hummingbird. The scenery is so calming that you can feel a swarm of butterflies take over your whole body and can lay back into the warm sand that embraces your body like a loving mother holding her baby for the first time. The landscape surrounding my blanket was more than inviting, however the people around me were not. It must have been a convention for tattoo enthusiasts and motorcycle gangs next to me. They had the whole entire beach to find a place …show more content…
“So, I bought the tickets and we both got our tuxes and dresses, and in a what seemed like a century it was finally prom night. So, I made sure I picked her up right on time trying to impress her parents. After a few pictures and awkward talks with John, Mary’s dad, we set off to the prom.
About half way through I realized the tickets were not in my pocket.” The bystanders erupted in laughter saying, “Ha classic Steve move”. Mary took over the storytelling stating, “I was heartbroken, I dreamed of this night for a month and a half. However, Steve made it up to me that night by bringing me to this beach. We sat here all night watching the stars and just talking.” Steve chimed in, “Yeah, that is the night little Tyler was conceived.”
Laughter filled the air and I knew this was my time to escape, so I ran to my car leaving my blanket and supplies behind. I heard too much. My cousin 's name was Steve and he is married to Mary. I am not positive it is them, however they both are bikers and their oldest son’s name is

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