Descriptive Essay: A Fight With A Stingray

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A Fight with a Stingray

As we got in the jeep, I could smell the fishy, salty smell of the oceans of Vieques. We had the windows rolled down, and I could see homeless dogs running around, scavenging for food. When we got to the beach our guide was waiting in his white colored boat, it was a fairly small boat but big enough to fit all of us. When we got in, I noticed a few stains here and there, but to have a great day I would have to make do. In the middle of the boat I noticed a container; I just figured this was either for the bait or the fish we caught.
When we got in the boat, he took us to mosquito bay, the place we were at the night before. We were there because of the bioluminescent plankton, except this time we were there in the day; when we were there we weren’t able to see them light up because of
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At the time I didn’t know it was a stingray, but I knew it was something huge, with it’s big flat body making huge thrusts trying to escape. We all thought it was a barracuda, which is almost like a shark of Puerto Rico, until we caught a glimpse of its flat back, its long tail, its grey color, and with its dark black eyes on the sides of its upper body. The stingray was now headed swiftly towards our boat, our fishing guide started to put his brown gloves on to grab the fish without being stung by its long tail.
The fish was headed under our boat, to not let go, I had to rush to the other side of the boat, and grip hard onto the rod. At that point the stingray was clearly visible and swimming around the boat, like it was a shark waiting for its prey.
The fishing guide announced to me, “Bring the stingray closer in so I can get it into a net, and make sure it doesn't get off the hook!”
So I was fighting the ray try to get it close enough to catch. As the stingray was a few feet from our boat, our fishing guide swooped the net down and through the water to catch the painful

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