Description Of The Child By William John Cowert Essay

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Description of the child
I observed William John Cowert. William is a little boy that is one year old that goes to my church. I have taken care of William since he was born because I am friends with his family. He is a fully functioning little boy. He has two parents who devote their time to make sure he receives the proper care it takes to raise a growing boy. His mom stays at home to take care of him and his sister, who is three years of age. .
Activity I observed I observed William at 10:45 till noon during Sunday school on the 22nd of November. During this time he was surrounded by other toddlers and three teachers to interact with. Will is a very happy and energetic child. He enjoys playing with cars and bouncing on the animal bouncers that are in the classroom for the majority of the time. He doesn’t share well but knows when the teacher says no, he is doing wrong. When it becomes close to noon, he becomes grumpy and needs the teacher’s attention, without the attention he throws a fit and upsets the other children by crying. When he sees his parent or an adult that he knows he becomes excited and wants them to take him out of the class that moment. At this age, William fits perfectly in the sensorimotor period of Piaget’s period of cognitive development, which is exactly where he should be, according to Piaget.
Description of the model Piaget’s cognitive theory is a “grand theory of human development that focuses on changes in how people…

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