Essay about Description Of Reading Is Like Cooking

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Model Description Reading is like cooking. Cooking is the practice of preparing, or constructing, food. When we read, we are constructing meaning from text. In cooking, the enthusiasm for cooking, the ingredients and methods for preparation that we use, and the chef’s level of mastery of basic and advanced cooking skills, all play a role in the quality of the food that is prepared. Similarly, when we read, our motivation for reading, the strategies we use to understand the text, and our mastery of basic and advanced reading skills, directly impact our ability to comprehend. Great chefs and great readers alike must practice and perfect their skills, and their craft, through trial and error to achieve a five star result.
When it is time to cook, why we are cooking—our motivation—plays a key role. If we are extremely hungry after a long day at work, we may just order a pizza, or throw some pasta in a pot of boiling water. Our motivation is extrinsic, because we are hungry and tired. We do not want to put a lot of effort into making the meal, because we just want to eat. On the other hand, if we are throwing a birthday party for a loved one, we have a different view. We have an intrinsic desire to impress our guest of honor, and prepare a meal worthy of the special event. We are dedicated to illustrating our love for them by taking the time and effort to prepare an elaborate and delicious meal. The difference in these two occasions for cooking illustrates the difference in…

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