Essay about Description Of Individual Family Members

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Description of individual family members
Paul who is currently remarried to Carol is very happy to have Kym his daughter home. Kym describes her father as constantly hovering and watching her. During a family session Kim stated her father was obsessed with her. Rachel reported the only way to engage or have meaningful communication with her father is to mention Kym. Rachel reported Paul is constantly defending and protecting her sister Kym. Paul appears cordial to his ex-wife however there is little communication between them. Paul is constantly trying to keep the peace between the sister’s, by drawing away from the real issues. Kim indicated that her father “never saw Rachel’s bulimia was ever a problem “. While Rachel brought up Ethan a couple of times during the session however Paul appears to quickly change the subject.
Abby who is currently married to Andrew is very quiet and distance from the rest of the family. Abby’s relationship with her daughters is different. Abby indicated that she feels Kym needs “a lot of acknowledgement”. Furthermore, she stated it’s hard when everyone knows your past. Kym described being eager at first to see her mother however, when she rushed to embrace her mother at the rehearsal dinner, her mother was only concern with her putting out her cigarette. Rachel revealed to her Mother first that she was pregnant before telling the family. Rachel reported that she didn’t want her Mother feeling left out of wedding preparation. However…

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