Description Of A New Breed Essay

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The layout presented in the Workhorse -"A New Breed" plant tour is for a custom vehicle chaises manufacturing facility. The layout is similar to a line flow, but line is in the "s" shape to build a custom vehicle chassis. The chaise frame hung upside down as an input that starts its journey and the workers from the undercarriage department assembles undercarriage elements, the frame is flipped before reaching next station where workers guide an engine, next the wheels are positioned and after workers inspecting the chaise frame, it is lowered for a final touch during that time the chaises is rolled out on its own (Workhorse, n, d). All the elements assembled throughout the lines are organized with the necessary subassembly or stations using elements such as axles, steering, engines, wheels and radiators. Along with the sub assembly elements, tools, machines, the workers form a continuous assembly line (SNHU, 2015) for a product line.
From the tour, it is clear that the manufacturing assembly line is set up for a specific chaises type and different assembly line, tools and machines may be needed for different types of chaises. The layout could be improved by changing the line from S shape to U or modified U shape to accommodate the entire chaise department working together. The U shape line or cellular layouts is a compromise layout that needs flexibility of a process layout with the efficiency of a product layout. The suggested improvement may accommodate changing…

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