Description Of A Multicultural Classroom Essay

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Multicultural in a classroom is where the teacher, as well as the learner, accepts all the races culture as well as religions. However, the acceptance of the above activities is enhanced by the books that are read in the kindergarten. The most appropriate resource is the books titled color me. The resource contains some activities that the children can assemble easily. The activities are used to reinforce colors as well as color words. The resource is quite useful while teaching the children how to operate certain activities. Activities are simple regarding management of the lesson (Jinny 90). Before the normal printing, there are some activities such as dropping of colors displaying posters in class among other others. The resource is mainly addressing the second language. Advantages
The resource has several advantages to the young children. There is the development of academic skills in the development of language, gaining reading skills as well as mathematics (Jeanne 9). It is through this advantage that there is the development of language, writing skills not forgetting enhancement of reading skills. The resource helps the children to access multiple bits of intelligence. They tend to have a chance of looking and learning about their surroundings. To achieve the intelligence children are given activities that enhance and at the same time encourage them to explore on ideas, making images as well as communicating their thoughts to others (Menon 90).…

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