Description Of A Lightweight Shirt Made By Sensors Capable Of Measuring Respirational Activity Levels

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 Measurements
The LifeShirt, a lightweight shirt made by VivoMetrics with built-in sensors capable of measuring respirational activity, heart rate, and subject posture and activity levels, among other things, was used to measure heart rate (HR) and RSA. RSA is used to determine automatic “cardiac control” by the brain in a subject and is a measurement of changes in heart rate during a respiratory period. HR and RSA were measured every five minutes between the introduction of the subjects to the TSST and approximately thirty minutes after completion of the TSST [11].
In addition to monitoring HR and RSA, measurements of cortisol and salivary alpha-amylase (sAA) in each subject were also recorded. This information was gathered through collection of saliva samples from each of the participants periodically throughout the experiment. Samples were collected using small cotton rolls. Participants were instructed to gently chew the cotton swab for one minute to allow the swab to collect saliva from their mouths. The cotton swabs were placed individually into separate plastic containers which were stowed away at -20° C until the time came for their analysis. The presence of cortisol within the participants’ saliva samples was verified by implementing a commercially available “chemiluminescence immunoassay” (LIA) (IBL, Hamburg, Germany). Intra-assay and inter-assay variation in the analyses was below 10%. In an effort to remove error caused by inaccurate intra-assay, all samples…

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