Essay about Description Of A Car Vehicle

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This past spring, my Toyota Highlander was damaged in a hit and run. Luckily the vehicle wasn’t totaled, however, the front right bumper was damaged and needed to be repaired. My insurance covered the damage, and deposited the amount quoted by the repair shop. Before the incident occurred, I had planned to trade the Highlander in for a newer vehicle, though I was planning to wait about six more months.

I started researching the value of my vehicle, minus the cost to repair the damage. My research led me to believe it would be more advantageous to trade the vehicle as is to a Toyota dealership. Obviously, it would be more difficult to trade in a damaged vehicle to a dealer.

Knowing which vehicle I wanted to purchase to replace my highlander, a Honda Pilot, I began searching for a suitable option and dealer. I located two that fit my needs at a Toyota dealer in Round Rock, Texas, and searched the VIN numbers. I discovered the dealer purchased both of the Hondas over two months ago, which meant they had probably been on the lot for close to three. Furthermore, I researched previous listings for both vehicles to determine the approximate price that the dealer had paid for the vehicle to get an idea of markup, plus I found all the Kelly Blue Book information on both, as well as, recent purchase prices for the same vehicles from dealers in the area.

Fortunately, I take very good care of my vehicle, and the Highlander was like new inside, and other than the front…

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