Description And Summarization Of Two Zip Codes In Roseville

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Description and Summarization of Two Zip Codes Roseville is the largest city in Placer County, one of its zip codes is 95661. It is located 20 miles east of Sacramento and was once considered a railroad town. Zip code 95661 had a recorded population of 30,730 as of 2011 and covered an area of approximately 9.0 square miles. It has a population density of around 3,414 people per square mile (, 2011). Grass Valley, zip code 95945, by comparison, is a historic gold mining town located one hour north of Sacramento. Its recorded population as of 2012 was 12,808 with a total of 64.23 square miles. It has a population density of 3,120 people per square mile (, 2012). Some differences between the two zip codes are noticeable once you enter the limits of the cities. Roseville is a rising metropolitan city with box stores on what seems like every corner. The very definition of accessibility. Grass Valley has limited choices in the way of retail shopping and …show more content…
The median income for 95945 in Grass Valley is $36,612 where 95661 in Roseville is $58,606, a $21,994 difference. Grass Valley has a professional rate of 31.2% while Roseville has a professional rate of 45.1% (, n.d.). (, n.d.). This might be attributed to the larger corporations in Roseville that would require advanced or specialized degrees. Grass Valley is considered a retirement community which may contribute to the poverty level for those who have resided in Grass Valley as opposed to those who have chosen to move to Grass Valley to retire. The population density for both zip codes are comparable. The marriage rate is fairly equal with Grass Valley at 51.5% and Roseville at 58.4%, however, for zip code 95945 it is slightly higher at 15.9% for divorce then that of 95661 at 9.8% (, n.d.). (,

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