Describe Three Successful Examples Of Effective Communication

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Describe three successful examples of effective communication:

1) Between a teacher and family
I am a part of the morning staff, so I rarely get to tell the parents in person about the day their child has. However, I write detailed daily reports. Since I work in the toddler room, I try to write down every time the child attempted to use the potty, when they successfully use the potty, or even when they have a hard time going to the potty. I also write on their reports what they did for the day, their crafts, how they were feeling and what they ate. That way even though I can 't say it personally, the parents still get to know what their child did. This was a successful communication because I left a message for the parents and they receive it. They are also able to communicate back to me any concerns.

Though I do not get to tell the parents how their child’s day went, I do get to listen to the parents tell me how the rest of the child’s day went after leaving my center. I learn valuable information from the parents in the morning. For example, I have one parent that always tells me how well their child slept or didn 't sleep. She tells me how well the child ate what kind of a mood she’s been in and she tells me this so I know maybe she might be cranky today or she might want seconds for breakfast. This is an important time that give me insight into the child’s life outside of our center. This is also effective communication because the parents are relaying important…

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