Essay on Describe The Three Steps Of Planning

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1. Describe the three steps of planning. Explain how they are related.
3 steps of planning are:
(1) determining an organization 's mission and major goals,
(2) choosing or formulating strategies to realize the mission and goals
(3) selecting the most effective ways to implement and put these strategies into action
The first step is determining the mission and the goal that organization is seeking through its activities. Additionally, this step will clarify its products to employees as well as differentiate its products from its competitors. After deciding what the mission and goals are, managers would analyze current situation and come up with appropriate strategies to attain the goals and mission. The last step is implementing strategy. Managers decide how to allocate the resources and responsibilities required to implement the strategies among people and groups within the organization
2. How can scenario planning help managers predict the future?
Scenario planning is the generation of multiple forecasts of future conditions followed by an analysis of how to respond effectively to each of those conditions. As future is unpredictable, scenario planning help company predict possibility problems that it can be faced in the future and determine ahead of time the best way to solve it. This allow manager to brainstorm what could happen in the future as well as show others about business environment.
3. What is the relationship among corporate-, business-, and functional-level…

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