Describe The Procedure / Surgery And / Or Treatment And Include Associated Complications

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1. Describe the procedure/surgery and/or treatment and include associated complications
I assisted in the care of two patients while in the critical care unit today. One of my patients was suffering from end-stage chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, while the other was experiencing an outbreak of shingles.
The patient with end-stage COPD was a 57-year-old female patient, who has been hospitalized for shortness of breath related to her COPD numerous times in the past few months. Throughout my time on the floor the patient experienced exacerbations, which dropped her oxygen saturation to below 80% at times. Despite the severity of her condition, the patient remained in high spirits and requested a full code status. This paient required assistance with activities of daily living, due to her lack of energy reserve; frequent vitals; bi-pap; and numerous respiratory medications. I was able to assist with all of the aforementioned interventions throughout my time spent on the floor.
Although we have studied COPD extensively in lectures, I had yet to care for a patient with the disease in clinical. Throughout my time spent with the patient, I educated her on the use of orthopneic positioning, diaphragmatic breathing, and the use of a hand held fan. After implementation of these strategies to promote improved gas exchange, the patient stated her shortness of breath was decreased, and improved oxygen saturation was noted. As I implemented the techniques that I have been equipped…

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