Describe Mendel's P, F1 And F2 Generations In His Experiments With Pea Plants Case Study

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Complete Name: Unit 4 Student Name: Carroll, Nicholas

1. Describe Mendel's P, F1, and F2 generations in his experiments with pea plants.

Student Answer: Mendel's F1 generation, also known as the first filial generation is the parent of the offspring generation which is the F2 generation(Daempfle,2016). The P generation is the also known as the parent generation. The parent generation will reproduce and generate F1 and F2 generations. Mendel began by breeding two pea plants. One green and the other yellow. This generation is known as the P generation. When the P generation reproduced all peas were yellow. Mendel was
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It is called transport RNA. The role of tRNA is to carry amino acids to the ribosome. The act almost as a bridge matching a codon is an mRNA with the amino acid that it codes for. Every tRNA consists of a set of three nucleotides called anticodons. The anticodon of any given tRNA can bind to one or more mRNA codons. There are many different types of tRNAs inside of a cell. Each contains its anticodon and matching amino acid. The tRNAs bind to codons inside of the ribosome, where they will then deliver amino acids for addition to the protein chain(Daempfle,2016). If a cell can no longer produce tRNA, it would be a vital loss to the cell. Without tRNA, their would be no longer be a transportation method for vital amino acids to reach the ribosomes(Daempfle,2016). References:, P. (2016). Essential Biology An Applied Approach (1st ed.). Dubuque, IA: Kendall Hunt Publishing. OpenStax College, Biology. (2015, September 30). Ribosomes and protein synthesis. In OpenStax CNX. Retrieved from RNA / tRNA. (2014). In Scitable. Retrieved from

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