Describe How Political, Legal and Social Factors Impact on 2 Organisations and Their Stakeholders P6 Including M3

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P6M3 How does political, legal and social factors impact business activities of selected organisations and their stakeholders
Political factors: Politics can both negatively and positively through changes made to tax, labor and national security laws. For example, politicians can raise taxes directly on businesses or on individuals, which ends up costing the company in the long run as people spend less money on goods and services. Alternatively, Nike profit when citizens receive tax incentives.
Nike would respond accordingly to the games of politics. From increasing interest rates to adjusting their demographic models.
Legal Factors: Businesses can be affected by many aspects of government policy. In particular, all
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Unlike their parents, young consumers have been brought up in an age where mobile phones and computers are used every day. Young customers are more likely to use digital technology, to shop online and to prefer online methods to print images. Older generations are more likely to stick to traditional methods. For example, they are more likely to want to have their photos developed and printed in-store. Businesses will adapt to this norm and start to cater to the needs of the new generations and start to create online services to maximize profits. now have raced ahead of the game by providing tons of new features online that will attract the younger generation or those who would prefer to order via online and customize their desired product. This feature alone was a boundless success for This is a direct impact on distribution and manufacturing. Nike has to specifically manufacture customized clothing and wear and have to directly deliver it to the customers.

Political: Political actions may have repercussions or benefits, similar to Nike. If politicians raise the standards of health & quality within NHS, they will be directly funded by the government. NHS is affected by the government type and stability within parliament.
Legal: Government laws will be in instant affect with NHS and other businesses, regulation and de regulations

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