Des Garcons : Innovations Towards A Different Types Of Fashion?

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Comme des Garcons: Innovations Towards a “Different” Type of Fashion? Many years in the making fashion has made a very impactful effect on the culture of a nation or region allowing an on looker of the culture to understand many different things about the culture due to their fashion styles. Men and women, throughout the years, have been able to keep a clear distinction between the two genders making clothing for both genders look as if they were for either one of the genders. In any culture there are distinct differences in styles allowing for uniqueness between the genders. Masculinity was a major image that had to be expressed whenever a man would wear men’s clothing displaying rugged and distressed looks, with darker colors, showing the least amount of the male anatomy as possible if any at all. These characteristics of men’s clothing would lead to an appeal to the male population creating an image of a man that most people would want to wear on their bodies. Obviously different from how women’s clothing is “supposed” to look, sleek, showing more of the female anatomy, brighter colors and floral prints, as well as more flowing clothing. Characteristics such as these results in a general image that appeals to a female audience allowing for a consumer base of the female population. In today’s society, gender roles have changed as well as consumer trends that have been seemingly stagnant until the 21st century. Advertisements of all sorts have shown their viewers the…

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