Depression Is A Widespread Illness That Carries A Major Personal And Public Health Burden

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Diagnosis- Depression is a widespread illness that carries a major personal and public health burden (Abel, 2016). To diagnose depression the patient must have at least five symptoms present for two consecutive weeks, and must also have a depressed mood or loss of interest or pleasure in their everyday activities. Other symptoms that the patient may exhibit include, having a depressed mood most of the day, and little or no interest in activities. The sudden overwhelming feeling of sadness and worthlessness can make a once enjoyable activity a chore. More symptoms include weight loss or weight gain without having gone on a diet, sleeping too little or too much, and slow movement in their everyday life that has been observed by others. Being tired or having severe loss of energy every day, feeling worthless or guilty, not being able to concentrate or make decisions, and recurring thoughts of suicide and death are also symptoms of depression (APA, 2013). These symptoms also impair the patient in social situations, like being slow and unresponsive at inappropriate times, and being unable to commit to and hold a steady relationship (Khalsa, 2011).
Depression can make one unable to get out of bed, neglect their hygiene, and become avoidant of friends and family. It can also affect their job or schooling, or other important areas in their life because of lack of motivation or the inability to concentrate. Depression may also be present if the patient has delusional feelings of…

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