The Great Depression Of The 1920's

During the 1920’s America was hit with a time of poverty and despair, later to be known as the Great Depression. It’s hard to pinpoint what exactly caused this worldwide depression but there were many contributing factors, such as the lack of diversification, the poor credit structure of the economy, and the unstable international debt structure. Economists argue that if the government implemented more structure these causes could have been avoided, but no amount of government support could have stopped the economic decline. Before the Great Depression only certain industries controlled the wealth in America, essentially the construction and automobile industries. Relying so heavily on just certain industries increased the chances of sending …show more content…
President Herbert Hoover’s reasoning behind the depression was due to Americas the international economic situation. As a result of World War 1 the international economy was weakened, and only functioned as long as American banks exported enough capital to allow European countries to repay their debts to America and also continue buying American goods. On the other hand it was almost impossible for European countries to repay our banks without their own economy going bankrupt. Rather they relied on payments from Germany and Austria to cover their debt, even though they would never get reimbursed because Germany and Austria were in worse debt than anyone else. Late in the 1920s American companies began to slow down production, they reduced their purchases of raw materials and supplies from Europe; a result many European economies were weakened. Foreign countries were unable to pay back the debt because America stopped purchasing over sea products. The Hawley Smoot tariff of 1930 imposed rates to increase significantly, which angered foreign governments. They retaliated by creating their own trade restrictions, adding to the limitations on American goods, especially on agricultural products.
Even though the collapse of the stock market in October 1929 is considered to have triggered The Great Depression, it alone was not responsible for the economic decline; it merely revealed the underlying causes and let them play out. The main causes of the depression were the lack of diversification, the poor credit structure of the economy, and the unstable international debt structure. The Great Depression was bound to happen, with all these factors playing a role at the time there was no other possible

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