Essay on Depression And Its Effects On Depression

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Approximate 350 million people were affected by depression, which is thought to be a major and severe cause of disability all around the world (GBD, 2004). Depression is also a common mental disorder in the United States that about 6.7% adults are diagnosed with major depressive disorder every year according to National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH). The social functioning of youths and young adults with depression can be severely impaired because of depressive symptoms (Michaud et al., 2006). The study also shows that depression along with alcohol and drug use is one of the most social costly disorders in the United States. Thus, depression, an extensive public health problem, calls for greater research and social attention. The recognition and description of depression can be traced back to ancient Greek when depression was hypothesized as melancholia by Hippocrates. Currently, lots of research has been conducted to get better understandings of the epidemiology, assessment and intervention of depression. According to DSM-5, the common symptoms, such as depressed moods, diminished interests or pleasure, somatic and cognitive changes, significantly impact individuals’ daily functioning, interpersonal relationships and physical health. These symptoms usually last for months or years, and even commonly reoccurs after recovery. The tragic consequence of unrecognized and untreated depression can increase chances of misbehaviors and even committing suicide. Valuable and…

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