Teen Suicide Research Paper

Teen Suicide and Statistics
This paper is about teen suicide and the statistics between the variety of people who commit suicide on a daily basis. Throughout this paper, the reader will gain information on the history, controversies, evidence of this information and the future effects of suicides and what leads to them. Because suicide is such a large problem all over the world, there should be more helpful programs for people with mental-illnesses so they can talk with others who have the same problems and also keep them away from harming themselves. The reason for choosing this topic was to gain a sense of knowledge regarding the topic and because it relates to a personal level. Another reason for choosing this topic was because it doesn’t
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It doesn’t matter what the person’s ethnic background is or how much money their family has, suicide should not be hidden. Although many people die by suicide daily, there are ways to treat a person’s suicidal thoughts. Family “connectedness” is always recommended because it gives the person reassurance that their family actually cares and are willing to help. If a family doesn’t help then the person is recommended to talk to a person who he/she trusts deeply. Mental programs are also proven helpful due to the fact that the person may feel that their friends and family can’t relate to how they’re feeling. Programs can be found online, at school, and even around local areas. Online programs such as “Live Through This”, gives people the chance to share their stories of when they attempted suicide. Local programs are said to be more helpful because the suicidal person can have a face-to-face conversation with another person who they feel as if they can trust. Another way of prevention is hiding any method a person can use to commit suicide. This may help because if a person has a method that can be useful for suicide, such as a firearm, it should be hidden in a place where it cannot be found to prevent suicide rates from increasing. Teens can also ensure each other that they’re feeling well by talking about how they feel and how they can keep each other from harming themselves. …show more content…
According to sources, about 49.9 percent of deaths are caused by firearms, 26.7 percent are caused by hangings and 15.9 percent are caused by poisoning. Studies show that about 117 people manage to complete a suicide daily, and each year, more than 42.7 thousand people die between the ages 15-24 years old. Suicide attempts are not accurately recorded because people attempt suicide and go unreported. According to the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention, about one million people are affected by suicide and have attempted it each year. “Females attempt suicide three times more than males.” ( AFSP, “About Suicide”). Currently, suicide hotlines in the U.S have received a record of calls due to the elections on November 8th. Most of the calls were from the LGBTQ community, because they felt as if they were “betrayed” by the elections. “Between 1AM and 2AM on Wednesday morning, the number of calls spiked to 660 in a single hour, 2.5 times more than average. (They only saw a similar jump once before, when actor Robin Williams died by suicide in 2014.)” (Becker, “Suicide

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