Suicide In Youth Essay

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One in every twelve teens attempt suicide annually in the UAE and it is the third leading cause of death in teens. The reason for suicide in youth differs dreadfully such as major disappointment, rejection, failure, or loss. Many times, these just trigger the urge of suicide, and the teen has one or maybe even more disorders. Simple things like bullying may seem small or even trivial to some people, but to those with a disorder such as depression or bi-polar disease. it could be worth taking their life.
The numbers have increased dramatically over the years and it’s becoming a huge problem in our country. People are killing themselves before their life even begins and it seems like not many people care. We say that we care and that it’s a horrible
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It has us conform to be “normal” and that creates groups. What’s normal to one person isn’t normal to everyone else. Some may share their opinions, but many won’t. Certain groups become “popular” because they are what society views as normal. This can cause the feelings of disappointment and rejection to some teens, especially with a disorder, well. Many times we feel like a disappointment to someone or we are rejected in our lives, but many people cannot take it. They see everything that goes wrong as their fault because of either carelessness, or harsh bullying. They may not feel loved because they are self-conscious and they feel there is nothing to be proud of their selves for. So they feel that because of this, everything that goes wrong in their lives, and sometimes even in others’ lives, is their fault. Then, because society has deemed a specific group of people who are “pretty”, “handsome”, “normal”, and “popular”, their spirits are crushed even more because they are not one of those people and they envy them. And those who are society’s “normal” will tear at the people who aren’t, Why do we do this? Why do we rag on people until they break? Why does it take the ending of so many lives for even a small group of people to realize how big of a part we play in other’s

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